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Crypto Wallet

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Calcium Wallet is available anywhere from browser or mobile:
  • — client-side account management only, no server is storing your data
  • — backup to create a recovery file or print QR code
  • — use brain wallet along with salted accounts when you need it
  • — store multiple currencies in non-custodial mode
  • — integrate web-wallet into your own website


Security features

— Private keys are client-side only
— Encrypted wallets stored in browser local storage
— Keys are decrypted only when account is unlocked
— No server-side for storing your sensitive data
— As much secure as your browser is secure

Backup options

  • Backup encryption
    During backup specify if you prefer password encrypted or clear-text backup
  • Account backup file
    You can easily download account backup file and use it to recover your account later at any time.
  • QR-code backup
    Print your main private key as QR-code and easily recover your basic wallets later.


  • Multi-blockchain Supports multiple blockchains and coins inside single wallet app

  • Calcium.Network Uses Calcium.Network for better security and new upcoming features

  • Open-source friendly Commiting back to open-source Calcium Library (Typescript) for better community experience

  • UFO coin Use of UniformFiscalObject (UFO coin) as basic currency for extra features
    (in development)


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